It Can Be Tricky to Decide Whether to Buy or Sell First

buy or sell property firstRecently, I provided a few talking points on the subject of whether you should buy or sell first, which is, by far, one of the questions I’m most often asked by prospective vendors selling their homes on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. In fact, whether to buy or sell first is something I discuss in one of the videos from my series of educational videos, which you can receive access to by subscribing at my website.

As I have said previously, there are many factors that will weigh in on your decision to buy or sell first, such as your financial situation, the type of property you’re selling, as well as the current market conditions in your local area. Naturally you’ll also need to speak with your finance lender before you do anything, least of all buy a property before you’ve sold your existing one.

Anecdotally I can share that many people selling in the areas of North Sydney, Cammeray, CremorneNaremburn, Neutral Bay and Mosman have chosen to buy first and sell their homes later, but there are of course myriad variables that must be considered with this information.

My Tip to Buying or Selling First

If, once you’ve spoken to your local agent and your finance lender, weighed up the pros and cons of both buying and selling first, you still have no clear answer, then this is where my secret tip should come in handy:

Do the hardest thing FIRST!

In other words, if you’re very particular or you’re looking for a certain kind of home that isn’t in abundance, then you should buy first and then sell.

But, if you’ve got a home that’s going to hard to sell, this means you’ll want to sell first and buy later.

♦ ♦ ♦

You should only consider this advice once you’ve spoken with your chosen local agent and your finance lender, and carefully considered all of the items they raise with you regarding either finance or selling your home.

If you’re grappling with the issue of whether you should buy or sell first in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, contact me to receive a free market appraisal of your home. Alternatively, you can learn more about buying and selling property by subscribing to my video series.

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