Selling in Sydney’s Lower North Shore in April and May

benefits of selling in autumn sydneyAt the beginning of March I wrote a post about preparing your home for sale during Autumn in Sydney’s Lower North Shore. Personally, I think autumn is one of the best seasons to sell a property as the heat and humidity has gone from summer and it’s also a time when certain parts of New South Wales look their finest — typically the Southern Highlands springs to mind, and our very own North Shore of Sydney.

Now I’m going to add a few more pointers to this that are specific to selling property in the leafy lower North Shore suburbs of Cammeray and North Sydney, through to Neutral Bay, Cremorne and Mosman, during the months of April and May.

The Three Phases of Autumn

One thing I’ve noticed about selling property in autumn is that there tends to be three phases of the season, which is unlike any other season of the year. Each phase of the autumn season brings with it a different set of advantages — or disadvantages, depending on your home — so keep them in mind. The specific benefits of selling in autumn are:

  1. Autumn can still encompass some warm, summery weather which still makes it suitable for selling ‘summer’ properties. Therefore if you missed the previous spring selling season and don’t want to wait for the next one, April can still be a good time to kick off an Autumn sales campaign.
  2. The cool, crisp weather of April is fantastic for homes with gardens of beautiful orange-red foliage. If you live in a street lined with beautiful maples or if you have a few in your backyard that turn those gorgeous dark pinks and red, then this is when you should showcase your property.
  3. The colder, often wet month of May is well-suited for those great winter homes. Ones featuring big fireplaces and cosy rooms which beckon you to lounge by the fire with a great book and a glass of something delicious. May is perfect for selling winter homes because we haven’t yet reached the worst of the winter season, but it still induces one to imagine all that I’ve just described.

Supply, Demand and Resolutions

The laws of supply and demand also come into play. People tend to regard spring as the best season to sell and it’s always marketed as such, so the majority of people decide to put their property on the market at this time, thereby increasing supply and risking the dampening of demand.

Another very good reason to sell in autumn that I know of anecdotally is that it proceeds a time of year when people make New Year’s resolutions to finally act on buying a new property. Having resolved to buy, people then spend the first months of the year actively looking at places so that by the time autumn rolls around they are usually in a position to buy.

Gone for the Holidays

Just a tip for selling in autumn — keep in mind that the season is punctuated by Easter and the school holidays. A lot of Sydneysiders take off for the school holidays to enjoy the last of the warmer weather before winter comes along. This could limit the amount of open home attendees so factor this into your schedule. On the positive side, the footy season hasn’t really ramped up yet, so football fans are still free on Saturdays to come to inspections — another plus to autumn selling. 

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