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sell your property quickly, but get the high price you want with the right sales and marketing strategyThere’s no hard and fast rule that determines how quickly your home will sell, but there are a number of factors that weigh into how much time your home will spend on the market, many of which you can control directly or work with your agent to help minimise their impact on the sale of your property.

Here are a few of my top tips to make sure you sell your property quickly and for more money:

Consider the market conditions

Australia has been pretty fortunate to have a fairly stable property market. Even during the GFC when the property market in the US and in Europe was severely depressed, the Australian market remained resilient. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to do your research to determine whether market conditions will be favourable for your home – a prestige property, for instance, won’t sell as quickly if the market is favouring first home buyer properties. Subscribe to my free educational videos to understand how to sell in different market condition.

Choose the right sales method

You have the choice of selling your home by private treaty or auction, though each method suits different markets. The majority of homes in Sydney are sold by auction, especially when supply is low or during the traditional spring selling season. However, there are certain markets that are more suited to private treaty – such as the prestige end of the market or some first home buyer properties. This is a discussion you should have with a real estate agent, and it should be taken into consideration when deciding which agent to list your property with.

Stage your home to appeal to buyers

Work with your agent to ensure your property is looking its best before any photos are taken or people are shown through the house. There may be things, like a broken front step, leak in the garage roof, or overgrown garden, that you’re willing the live with, but they’re all things that deter buyers. Make sure you have any repairs seen to before putting your property on the market. It may also be appropriate to put some of your furniture into storage or hire an interior decorator to consult on ways to enhance your property during the sales process.

Market your home strategically

The more people that are interested in your property, the more chance it will have at selling quickly and at best possible price. There’s an almost direct correlation between the methods used to market a property and the number of people attending inspections and making enquiries. Consider all of the marketing options your real estate agent suggest and their rationale for using them. The internet is a given, but there are other traditional marketing methods – such as print advertising – that may help to attract a wider array of buyers.

Like I said earlier, there is no formula when it comes to selling property, but providing your home is priced well and you work closely with your sales agent to prepare your home sale, you should see your home sell in a timely manner.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, contact me today for a confidential appraisal of your property.

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